Who We Are

What is Melodies from the heart?

Melodies from the heart foundation produces music that offers comfort and support to those who have suffered the loss a loved one. We are supported by a number of fantastic, well known artists, who donate their time and talent. Melodies from the heart foundation aims to support anyone who has suffered a loss but especially those who lost children.

Why this initiative?

Such a loss is often indescribable and everyone copes with it in his or her own way but there is often one single element that can bring people together : Music.

  • Music is unquestionably bound to remembrance, memories and the sharing of feelings.
  • Music has the power to foster reflection and understanding.
  • Music is a part of our culture and our lives.
  • Music soothes, stimulates reminiscence and creates permanent memories.

These ingredients have led to a truly innovative new concept: Music specially created for mouring and understanding. Songs of remembrance, reflection and the sharing of a loss. Songs that offer comfort and support, that recall memories and that can put into words the things that often cannot be said. These songs are not only for those directly involved in a loss but also for those close by and for the community as a whole. Music is a way of sharing and a loss is one of the hardest things to share because words alone are hard to find and are often not enough. Music can ease this dilemma.

Melodies from the heart is there for everyone, regardless of faith or culture. We believe that everyone, no matter what their convictions or cultural background, needs to find a way to process their loss and the sadness it causes. We hope to be able to provide some meaning for everyone.

At the present time there are a number of different artists, in a range of musical genres, who have agreed to work with us to provide the music that we believe can offer the support and comfort that is needed.

We also have a Facebook page where you can keep up to date with developments or even make your own suggestions. You can also follow us on Twitter.

The Melodies from the Heart Foundation is an initiative of Jan Knetsch, Patrick Schouten, Marco Knetsch, Tom Pearce, Christien Pearce and Marion Middendorp.