Best steroids for strength

Many bodybuilders use steroids to achieve their desired results in sports. And it’s no secret to anyone. Such preparations allow not only getting the desired physical shape and tightened body, but also can significantly improve the strength of an athlete.

This effect is very important for those who practice strength sports. Almost all anabolics increase strength and endurance to a greater or lesser extent, but only the best steroids for strength can help an athlete effectively prepare for competition. They can be used either as a solo or on a combined course, which can significantly improve results. You can also check out side effects medications right away here.

Steroids for strength

The increase in strength and endurance is an essential effect on any course of anabolic steroids that athletes have always welcomed. But if you focus on strength, and mass gain is a secondary objective for you, then you need to choose certain drugs that give the following effect:

  • a palpable burst of strength;
  • a significant increase in endurance;
  • accelerated recovery from physical activity;
  • an increase in quality muscle mass;
  • increase in muscle density.

However, it should be noted that steroids, which significantly increase strength, usually have high androgenic activity. This means that they can cause strong side effects such as acne, gynecomastia, testicular atrophy, etc. It is therefore advisable to use antiestrogens in parallel during their administration, and to undergo post-course therapy after the course.

Eternal course of steroids

Most people, whether they are engaged in professional sports or not, have heard of the practice of taking steroids from bodybuilders. However, only heavy sports professionals know about the eternal course. Usually it is not practiced by beginners and those who train only to find the desired figure. The eternal course of steroids is a regular medication of sports pharmacology without breaks. It allows you to quickly achieve the desired result, but always accompanied by many side effects. How serious they will be and how they will affect your body depends on the correct selection of steroids and calculate the dosage of each drug.

Basic principles

An eternal course or cycle, as it is also called, is always built on testosterone reception. You could say that the synthetic male hormone is its main component. You can use any ether of testosterone – it does not matter. Before you start the eternal cycle, think well and weigh the pros and cons, because if you start it and after 2-3 years you want to stop, your hormone balance will no longer come back to normal.

For such a course you must necessarily buy only high quality steroids. Of course, this rule applies to any course, but in this case, it is especially important: you will not have time to recover after a poor quality drug. So only buy steroids from approved stores or pharmacies. As mentioned above, you can choose any ether of testosterone for your cycle. But the main rule is to change them periodically, forcing the body to move away from the usual system of external hormone consumption.

Steroid regimen

The eternal course of steroids is also called androgenic, because it is based on testosterone with high androgenic properties. However, the reception of this steroid solo does not help gain weight, so the cycle is built on the following scheme:

  • the reception of strong anabolic lasting from 6 to 12 weeks;
  • taking a less active drug for 6-12 weeks;
  • testosterone bridge.

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