Replacement of electrical wiring in the apartment

Why is it necessary to repair electrical wiring every 7-12 years? There are several reasons why, if you believe the statistics, the owners who understand electricity are practically not engaged in such work. Thoughtful operation taking into account real loads allows wires to serve long. In most cases, wiring:

  • Has overloaded sectors, most often in kitchens and living rooms;
  • Experiences abnormal loads when several powerful consumers hang up on one socket;
  • Initially has no margin of strength for the cross section of cables and connectors;
  • Installation is carried out in violation of regulations, especially with regard to the construction of junction boxes and panels.

Sometimes it is necessary to replace the electrical wiring in the apartment due to failure of electrical appliances or voltage spikes in case of emergency outages. The first rule when a fault is detected or suspected is to disconnect the suspicious line and find reliable electrical contractors in new york. Almost all of them have extension cords, so that there is no power supply left in the de-energized circuit. Safety is a priority, 3 out of 5 fires occur in apartments due to short circuits. And in 80% of cases, the owners were aware of growing faults.

A small list of causes of fires in the absence of the owners:

  • USB adapters, which are not included to charge the device;
  • Mains filters and extension cords that do not include working appliances;
  • Outlets with loose contacts during operation;
  • Switches which are not switched off due to forgetfulness of their owners.

Much less frequent burning of wires and connections in the panels, flooding on the side of neighbors from above adds problems with the junction boxes. So, repairing electrical wiring is a hassle, but necessary, which can be postponed if fires do not frighten you.

A few examples from the life of an electrician

During the decoration, there was room for a block of sockets, life has shown that this is where they are needed. The work is not complicated, the main thing is to observe safety measures. Of course, this is not a replacement of electrical wiring, rather a supplement, but in an apartment similar work is needed often. Let’s put the sockets back in place.

  1. Consistently install the base in the sockets, leaving a small supply of cable when connecting.
  2. We carry out the initial alignment, and the fourth socket is placed, trying on the general frame.
  3. Using the level, finally align all four sockets.
  4. Switch on the power and check that the whole unit is functioning. 

Up to the moment of sewing the false ceiling there is a possibility to add a couple of lines without opening the ceiling. Here we added a branch for an additional pass switch. In order to do everything correctly, it was necessary to stroke the walls. Shooting is an integral part of the work with the electricity network, sometimes the cost of such work is the main part of the estimate. In this case, the lighting previously switched on through the transformer was changed. The difficulty was the tightness of the space, as the switch-on point is quite far from the edge.

So electrical wiring is also cosmetic repairs to restore damaged parts of finished walls and ceilings. After the finishes, a decorative box of the panel was put in, and all year long, while various works were going on, it was glued with strong polyethylene. Looks elegant and beautiful now, as no damage has been done.

Aesthetics in electrical work is important

New approaches and technologies make it possible to get the wires out of sight, with lines available for repair and replacement. However, to avoid breaking too much while repairing damage, consider the length of hidden lines. If you want to do a good repair, it is better to find a local cheap handyman. This will help you get the result you need.