Soccer rules in simple terms

If you are not a fan and you don’t watch soccer very often, there are some rules you may not understand at first. You can find the most complete information on SOCCER news, and below we will tell you about the basic concepts and rules in soccer.

The playing field in soccer can be different. The main thing is that its length should be at least 90 meters and maximum 120 meters, and its width should be respectively from 45 meters to 90 meters. At international level FIFA and UEFA fields should have a length of 105 meters and a width of 68 meters. The penalty area is always located 16.5 meters from the goal line. The goal area is defined at a distance of 5.5 meters in front of the goal.

The soccer ball must be round, with a circumference of 68 – 70 cm. If the ball is damaged, it can only be replaced during the game by the referee and during the break the ball is also with the referee. During the game there are eleven players on the field with the goalkeeper, but also their number should not be less than 7, because the team can lose players who cannot be replaced in case of a red card. In addition, there is a bench to replace the active player during the match.

A soccer match is a game of two halves, each consisting of 45 minutes. Between halves the players are given a break of 15 minutes.

The referee directs the game and if the players do not comply with the rules of the game, he has the right to punish the guilty. The referee may change his decision only if it is determined that it was wrong. At major international tournaments it is often necessary to use the help of a video referee, who will replay the disputed situations and tell the referee that he has made a mistake in the decision.

The referee decides which team will start the game by flipping a coin. Then the team that wins the toss decides which side of the field to play. At the end of the break, the teams play on the other sides of the field. The match starts in a circle in the center of the playing field.

A player gets a red card for intentionally touching the ball with your hand and preventing a goal or a goal being scored. The rules of the game change from time to time, and as of 2019 a player may also be penalized for unintentional touching of the ball with his hand, and goals scored as a result will not count.

NCAAW Basketball

In case you are just starting to become interested in basketball, many of the terms are probably still unknown to you. You will find the most complete information about the sport at NCAAW news. The basic components of the game of basketball are a playing field, two teams, two baskets, and a ball. In basketball, there are ten players on the field, which means five per team. Each team may have up to seven substitutes, which can be put on the field as many times as necessary.

The objective of the game is simple: to send the ball to the opponents basket, which is located at a height of 305 cm on the shortest line. A penalty shot scores one point, and a regular shot scores two points. At the end of regular game time, the team with the most points is declared the winner of the game.

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