Sustanon – also known as Sust , is one of the most popular anabolic steroids of all time. It is a powerful anabolic containing four different testosterone esters, each with a different half-life and action. This connection of substances allows you to create a holistic preparation with the effectiveness of testosterone but with a higher practicality of use. A mixture of 4 ethers, was first synthesized and produced by chem. by Organon under the trademark Sustanon 250.

Replenishing the ranks of the drug market, sustanon can be bought on the free market, it is successfully used in human medicine as a substance that helps restore hormonal balance with a weak synthesis of endogenous testosterone in men. Nowadays, the composition of sustanon cannot be found in free sale, but there is an analogue with one replaced ether, which is sold in pharmacies under the name Omnadren . The price of a joint is usually no different from its testosterone counterparts. You can find more information here

Sustanon includes testosterones:

  • 36 mg propionate
  • 72 mg phenylpropionate
  • 120 mg decanoate
  • 72 mg isocaproate  

Again, each testosterone ester has a different absorption period, which makes it possible to maintain the highest levels of steroid in blood plasma during the course and throughout the course. This reduces the frequency of injections to a minimum. In order to gain mass and strength, the dough mixture is put only once a week. There is an assumption that the sust is a complex course in one ampoule, however , this is an erroneous opinion, due to the fact that, be that as it may, the ingredient of the substance is converted in the body exclusively into testosterone. 

Course and dosage

Course Sustanon , I S THE quite common and is used in particular in combination with other anabolic steroids. In strength sports where high mass and strength is an important quality, Sustanon Pakistan can be bought and used in the base period of gaining muscle mass, is valued for its versatile properties and is very often put as a central drug in modulating most courses for mass.  

Due to its nature , the Sustanon solo course can last up to ten weeks. Longer courses are usually accompanied by the intake of Gonadotropin, since Sustanon 250 significantly lowers the levels of endogenous testosterone secretion.

Steroid injections are made once a week, the dose is 250-500 mg (injected into the gluteal muscles).

Due to the high frequency of side effects associated with estrogenic activity, in the 2nd week of the course, it is desirable to connect aromatase inhibitors – Anastrozole . Taking the inhibitor is discontinued two weeks after the end of the course. 

Immediately after the end of the AI intake, PCT begins, and Tribulus is also taken for 3-4 weeks in order to restore the secretion of natural testosterone.   

An equally important component in every course is clenbuterol , which any user can buy and take . This drug is the best for preserving the recruited muscles by completely eliminating the rollback phenomenon. More details here

Combined courses

To maximize results, the Sustanon course can be combined with other AAS. Combined courses also reduce the risk of adverse reactions.

An excellent combination of a course for mass will be – Sustanon + Nandrolone Decanoate .   

For a good relief mass, in particular, Sustanon Farmakom is used in conjunction with Winstrol .  

The positive effects of sustanon

Since this anabolic is a mix of several forms of testosterone, its main effects are no different from ordinary testosterone.

The main results from taking sustanon are:

  • Building muscle mass (from 8 to 15 kg for a 5 week course)
  • Being a good anti-catabolic , the rollback phenomenon is reduced to a minimum
  • Stimulates appetite
  • It transports oxygen well to the muscles by increasing the number of red blood cells in the blood (erythrocytes)
  • Increases libido during the course
  • Strengthens the skeletal system of the body

Side effects

In fact, like all forms of testosterone, it has the ability to maximize androgenic activity in the body, thereby provoking aromatase into estrogens. As a result of the increased level of the female sex hormone in men, estrogenic side effects begin to appear , such as edema (as a result of tissue hydration), female-type fat is deposited, gynecomastia. Eliminated such diseases by priyam inhibitors of aromatase during the course.

Sustanon organon pakistan is able to suppress the hypothalamus-pituitary- testicular arc, which ultimately leads to an extensive phenomenon of rollback and testicular atrophy, in order to eliminate this problem, you should not exceed the course for more than 8 weeks and it is advisable to take testosterone boosters and gonadotropin.